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Marble Countertops, can be found right here at your local marble countertop store. Be sure to stop by HMKS slab yard to view the beautiful slabs in our countertop program. Understanding your stone characteristics make choosing granite a welcome addition to any home renovation.


Marble Countertops is a metamorphosed limestone, consisting chiefly of recrystallized calcite or dolomite. Therefore, these properties give it a high polish. As well as this stone’s colors range from solid white and black to rose, yellow, green and gray.

Therefore, this very heat-resistant material makes marble a top choice for a fireplace surround, and even a resting place for hot pots and pans. As with granite, marble is quarried as a large block of stone and is then cut into slabs. Therefore, each slab is unique and adds elegance to any home.

Marble Adds Value To Your Home

VALUE ADDED: As for its design advantages, marble countertops are each unique in its look, displaying extraordinary elegance and beauty. Therefore, this stone’s elegance makes these countertops attractive to real estate brokers and adds value to your home.

Fireplace Designs

SUGGESTIONS: Transform your fireplace surround with any one of our full slabs or remnants. Using a stacked stone or another material then consider stone for your fireplace mantel and / or hearth.

Stone Use And Application

STONE APPLICATION: Stone can be used for many different applications such as, kitchen countertops, islands, vanities, makeup stations, fireplace surrounds, backsplash on a wall in a kitchen, accent walls or shower walls and tub surrounds.  Marble tends to create a very luxurious look and feel to whatever you apply it to. Therefore, to maintain and keep your stone looking new and beautiful, read more on care and maintenance.

HMKS Stone Solutions, aka HighMark Kitchen & Stone offers a large inventory of material from full marble slabs or browse through our marble remnants for those smaller projects.

Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops | Vanity Tops

Kitchen & Bath Design

Marble in your home is striking. As well as adds value. Therefore, when designing marble countertops for your home consider your edge profiles. Choose from a simple eased edge to a striking bullnose. As well as consider an accent wall or fireplace surround. Be sure to ask one your countertop designer about edge profile options.

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