Caledonia Granite Countertop

Caledonia Granite Countertops

Caledonia Granite Countertop

Granite styles with neutral tones or the classic speckles offer versatility for vast color palettes in your kitchen and bathroom. Caledonia Granite is no different. With its cool and warm gray splotches and speckles it is sure to not only add value to your space, but also enhances its beautiful features.  A polished addition to the granite offers an abundance of luxury. 

Caledonia granite countertop falls down the side of a white island. Modern, clean lines fill the room from the stone accent wall to the honey-colored wood floor. Eclectic glass globes hang from the white ceiling. 

Find Caledonia Granite at our HMKS Slab Yard to view actual slabs. Including our in stock program, depending on availability. Be sure to ask one of our sales representatives for information.


Wanting or looking to update your kitchen or bath? Or simply add value to your home? To start, choose MSI Granite. This natural stone is suitable for your kitchen, creating beautiful countertops, dynamic waterfall islands, or even stunning accent walls.

Granite is sustainable and durable. Moreover, low maintenance, with refreshing cleanup for your on the go life. Not only are these countertop slabs striking and bold, but unique and beautiful for your kitchen or bathroom.

Granite has tiny spaces between the various mineral crystals caused by small black crystals found in the slab. In short these impressions don’t make the granite less durable and are common in all granite. This stone also contains natural crevices. Which are visible separations along inter-crystalline boundaries. They may appear to be cracks but are in fact, not structural defects and will not affect the design or durability of the stone.

For further information on granite for your space check out Kitchen Granite Countertops.

Caledonia Granite Countertops

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