Chips along the seam will occur, particularly in the igneous stone varieties, as a result of the sawing operations from the diamond blade used to cut granite.  A small chamfer, called arris, of approximately 1/16″ x 1/16″ can be used to eliminate chips.  When using arris it will make the seam appear wider than its actual dimension.  However, larger chips are usually repaired with epoxy or polyester resin if the repair is consistent in color and texture.   

Understand that the presence of any of these characteristics adds to the uniqueness of your material, and in the majority of cases does not compromise the durability of your product. 

Concerns about your stone countertops and chips along the seam or any other question. Be sure to ask one of our countertop professionals right here at HMKS Stone Solutions.

The presence of any of these characteristics adds to the uniqueness of your stone countertops.

Characteristics of Stone

HMKS Stone Solutions brings you up to date information regarding your stone countertops. Understanding your Stones characteristics and the care is vital to maintaining the beauty of your countertops in your home. Therefore, when choosing countertops for your home understand the material of choice. Including read up on our Stone solution FAQ’s.

Be sure to understand what edge profiles are available. For a heartier rustic edge add a chiseled edge to your granite. Another option for adding substance and beauty is a 6CM edge profile with a bullnose. Be sure to ask one your countertop designer about the characteristics, care, and edge profile options.

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Home Furnishings

Stone Home Furnishings

Adding stone to your home furnishings in your home is beautiful. Creating masterpiece or heirloom designs to share with your family. Make the first impression with family and friends are a show stopper with any one of our stone materials. Be sure to ask a countertop designer about designing your home furnishings.

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