Inverness Quartz Countertops

Inverness Frost Quartz Countertop

Inverness Frost Quartz

Inverness Frost quartz, with timeless milky white, with a hint of beige, veins fracture a cool white canvas with intensity. Debossing throughout the veining contrasts with the smoothness of the background, giving the quartz design a gently textured composition and beautiful organic quality.

In this kitchen there is an artistic mood. Starting, in the center of the space, is a chocolate brown wood furniture style island topped with Inverness Frost Quartz countertops. Moving to the cabinetry, silvery light gray drawers add the contrasting color to the palette that, along with the countertop, keeps the room airy and bright. Above the island are bronze hanging light fixtures.

Next is the stove, vent hood, and pantry that are black with gold accents. These pieces create the necessary element of depth and add the artistic aesthetic. Behind the cabinetry on the first wall is the beautiful Inverness Frost quartz full wall splash. The second wall consists of a whimsical leafy wallpaper. Finally, the wood floor. Shades of warm red brown pull from each color of the room.

Inverness Platinum Quartz

Inverness Platinum Quartz

Silky charcoal veins disperse with hints of silver fracture a cool white canvas with lively intensity. Indentations throughout the veining contrast with the smoothness of the background, giving the design a lightly textured composition and beautifully organic quality.

Again, artistry is the aesthetic, but with an industrial blend. First dusty teal-gray cabinetry and drawers create an L-shape against the wall, while also adding color to the neutral room. On the topic of color, we have a deep red oven with a matte black stove. Behind the cabinets and stove is a striking black accent wall with white veining, that goes up to the vaulted ceiling. A matching countertop sits on the cabinets.

The island. Taking center stage in the kitchen is the waterfall island countertops. Inverness Platinum cascades and flows down the side. The bright white quartz illuminates the dustier colors. Next are the brassy gold accent pieces such as the hood vent, faucet, nobs, and stools. Lastly, is the warm wood floor, tying the space together.

Inverness Bronze Quartz Countertop

Inverness Bronze Quartz

Deep bronze veins with red undertones fracture a cool white canvas with refreshing intensity describes this quartz. Debossing throughout the veining creates diversity with the smoothness of the background, giving the design a gently textured composition and pleasing organic quality.


With a modern essence, comes simplicity. Antique and almond blend to create the wood cabinets on the wall and a full accent waterfall slab underneath the island. This kitchen is illuminated by the white cabinetry, white floor tile, and Inverness Bronze that is showcased as a full wall splash in Inverness Bronze Quartz and the expertly, on trend waterfall island. Matte black and beige accents complete this refreshing space.

Inverness Cobalt Quartz Countertop

Inverness Cobalt Quartz

Stormy-blue veins with subtle flares fracture a cool white canvas with lively intensity. Debossing throughout the veining contrasts with the smoothness of the background, giving the design a gently textured composition and beautifully organic quality. Inverness Cobalt quartz is just one of the many intricate countertops of Inverness quartz countertops.

Traditional is the style of the kitchen above. Matte cobalt blue and black burst and pop against the honey-beige floors and cabinetry. Inverness Cobalt quartz creates a unique waterfall island, while also being the wall splash and topping the countertops.

Quartz Countertops

Beautiful pure natural quartz,  like Inverness quartz countertops. Besides elegance and versatility, Cambria quartz is also endlessly durable, scratch resistant, and stain resistant. Moreover, the easy maintenance of the quartz ensures quick clean up for your busy life. With matte and high gloss finish options, either choice is sure to create a focal point and impress.

Quartz can also be used as brilliant backsplashes or surrounding your island creating a waterfall island in your kitchen. In addition, add subtle quartz countertop styles that brighten up your bathroom or en suite. Cambria has many options that will create a statement that, enhances your space. Take a look at quartz for your home for more information.

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