Rain Forest Marble Countertop

Rain Forest Marble Countertop

Rain Forest Marble Countertop

Rust and copper colored veins create a shattered effect across a sandy background. Darker brown and subtle green touch the surface of the canvas. Rain Forest marble expresses drama and elegance. Not to mention added luxury with a polished finish that will last for years to come. 

Islands and Cabinetry with Rain Forest Marble

Dreaming up that perfect kitchen? Rain Forest Marble Countertop will add an exquisite element to your kitchen. 

Starting, a vast amount of brown cabinet options will bring out the rust colors of the marbles veining. Whether you want a warm farmhouse look or a traditional appearance.

Next, choosing white or very light gray cabinetry will not only brighten your space but also bring the subtle white veins to the surface. 

Lastly, add an island to your design. Whether you pick a furniture island or a dynamic waterfall island, neither will disappoint. Further, allowing you to host with abundant space for years to come. 


Marble slabs are metamorphosed limestone, consisting mainly of recrystallized calcite or dolomite. Therefore, these properties make it heat-resistant and allow for a high polish.

A top choice, like Rain Forest marble countertop, for fireplace surrounds, and even a resting place for hot pots and pans. Marble is quarried as a large block and is then cut into slabs, making each slab unique.

Each unique stone’s extraordinary elegance and beauty make these countertops attractive to real estate brokers and adds value to your home. Moreover, the care and maintenance is simple.

Also, marble can be used as stunning backsplashes or surrounding your island creating a waterfall island in your kitchen.

In addition, add exquisite countertop styles, that will brighten up your bathroom or en suite. MSI has many options that will create a statement enhancing your space.

For further detailed information take a look at marble.

 Want more beautiful styles? Take a look at Marble Countertops.

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