Ivybridge Quartz Countertop

Ivybridge Quartz Countertop

Ivybridge Quartz

Dark ivy green veins diagonally cut through a frosty white expanse. Ivybridge quartz provides a unique element of color and intensity to your space. Beautiful as a countertop or sweeping down the side of an island. Furthermore, as a backsplash or wall splash.


Beautiful pure natural quartz. Besides elegance and versatility, Cambria quartz is also endlessly durable, scratch resistant, and stain resistant. Moreover, the easy maintenance of the quartz ensures quick clean up for your busy life.

With matte and high gloss finish options, either choice is sure to create a focal point and impress.

Quartz can also be used as brilliant backsplashes or surrounding your island creating a waterfall island in your kitchen.

In addition, add subtle quartz countertop styles, that will brighten up your bathroom or en suite.

Cambria has many options like Ivybridge quartz countertop, that will create a statement that, enhances your space.

Take a look at quartz for your home for more information.

Ivybridge Quartz Countertop

A subtle boldness is illuminated in the kitchen above. Emerald and ivy green mix to create the color of the cabinets and island. Ivybridge quartz spills down creating a waterfall island feature, as well as, a beautiful backsplash and countertop. Matte black accent pieces add sophistication. Chevron wood in the color taupe, move along the floor.

Inverness Cobalt is another quartz option that adds color to your kitchen while still holding to a classic design.

Also, take a look at Berkshire Steel Sculpted. Subtle elegance, with a steely shatter.

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